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Be Smart

Integrated green design(IGD) and lifecycle cost analysis(LCA) are at the heart of green buildings. Both strategies establish the true cost of each building system - and determine its impact on the other building systems - over the life of the building. This comprehensive process produces a building that is healthy and comfortable for the occupants and a sound investment for the owner. It's a great place to live or work and at the same time it conserves energy and resources, reduces pollution, and saves money. That's smart!

Do Right

In the US buildings account for more than 60% of electrical consumption and 36% of total energy consumption, 60% of the non-industrial waste stream, and 70% of the materials throughput. Green buildings can reduce these impacts. Making building decisions that look at the long-term consequences of your choices confirms your commitment to future generations. Building green ensures that you can meet your present needs without compromising the needs of the future. That's good!

Build Green

A green building is a high-performance building that is people-friendly, environmentally sustainable and financially sound. It starts with integrated green design (IGD). Your IGD team helps you understand your options and set priorities early. Then they analyze each building system as part of an interacting system of components and choose those that best achieve your building goals. The result is a balanced building that is a comfortable, healthy 'people place' even as it reduces pollution, saves energy, conserves materials, and lowers operating and maintenance costs. That's green building!